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2019 Florida Lutheran Athletic Association Girl's State Basketball Tournament

St. Paul Lutheran Church and School are proud to be the 2019 host of the Florida Lutheran Athletic Association Girl's State Basketball Tournament.



See the games LIVE during the hours of the tournament below!



To view the Girls' Bracket please click here.

The games will be played on Friday, February 1 through Saturday, February 2 with the championship games played on Sunday, February 3.

The tournament is not a true double elimination tournament, but all teams are guaranteed to play at least two games.

Games will consist of four six minute quarters, with a three minute overtime if needed. Half time will consist of ten minutes. Pressing rules are as follows: teams may press up to a 20 point lead. Game clock will run when a 30 point lead has been reached. The team listed on the BOTTOM OF THE BRACKET will be designated as the home team and will wear light colored uniforms. All games on Friday and Saturday will have two referees. Championship Sunday games will have three referees.

Games are scheduled every 75 minutes.


Game 1 Holy Cross, North Miami vs. Grace, Jacksonville Friday 4:30 PM
Game 2 Advent, Boca Raton vs. Our Savior, St. Petersburg Friday 5:45 PM
Game 3 St. Michael, Fort Myers vs. Trinity, Delray Beach Friday 7:00 PM
Game 4 St. Luke's, Oviedo vs. Game 1 Winner (Holy Cross, North Miami) Saturday 9:00 AM
Game 5 Grace, Winter Haven vs. St. Paul, Boca Raton Saturday 10:15 AM
Game 6 Loser of Game 1 (Grace, Jacksonville) vs.
Loser of Game 2 (Our Savior, St. Petersburg)
Saturday 11:30 AM
Game 7 Loser of Game 3 (Trinity, Delray Beach) vs.
Loser of Game 4 (Holy Cross, North Miami)
Saturday 12:45 PM
Game 8 Winner of Game 4 (St. Luke's, Oviedo) vs.
Winner of Game 2 (Advent, Boca Raton)
Saturday 2:00 PM
Game 9 Winner of Game 3 (St. Michael, Fort Myers) vs.
Winner of Game 5 (St. Paul, Boca Raton)
Saturday 3:15 PM
Game 10 Loser of Game 5 (Grace, Winter Haven) vs.
Loser of Game 6 (Our Savior, St. Petersburg)
Saturday 4:30 PM
Championship Sunday
Game 11 Winner of Game 10 (Our Savior, St. Petersburg) vs.
Winner of Game 7 (Trinity, Delray Beach)
Sunday 12:30 PM
Game 12 Loser of Game 8 (Advent, Boca Raton) vs.
Loser of Game 9 (St. Michael, Fort Myers)
Sunday 1:45 PM
Game 13 Winner of Game 8 (St. Luke's, Oviedo) vs.
Winner of Game 9 (St. Paul, Boca Raton)
Sunday 3:00 PM